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Learn about the Central Oregon Regional Educator Network’s Change Idea Projects for the 2024-25 school year!

Belonging Work change idea projects

'Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity'

Community Bookstudy

Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity couples awareness and action for participants to learn to co-create healthy school and classroom cultures that honor dignity and nurture belonging through three structures: interpersonal, institutional, and instructional. Participants learn how to shift mindsets and develop an understanding of what it takes to address educational disparities by creating the conditions that help all students and staff members thrive.

Instructional Belonging Workshop

A Follow Up to "Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity"

This exciting no-cost opportunity, facilitated by Summer Snyder, will provide additional content, strategies, and resources for creating a culture of dignity, discussion, and collaboration with peers.

This is not intended to be an introduction, but rather a chance to go deeper and apply previous learning and improve on existing implementation.

Belonging at Highland Elementary School

Establishing a Schoolwide Culture of Belonging

Establishing the foundation to create a culture of belonging throughout Highland Elementary School for staff and students. This year-long project includes lessons that can be introduced in the classroom.