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Learn about the Central Oregon Regional Educator Network’s Change Idea Projects for the 2024-25 school year!

Belonging Work change idea projects

'Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity'

Community Bookstudy

Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity couples awareness and action for participants to learn to co-create healthy school and classroom cultures that honor dignity and nurture belonging through three structures: interpersonal, institutional, and instructional. Participants learn how to shift mindsets and develop an understanding of what it takes to address educational disparities by creating the conditions that help all students and staff members thrive.

Instructional Belonging Workshop

A Follow Up to "Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity"

This exciting no-cost opportunity, facilitated by Summer Snyder, will provide additional content, strategies, and resources for creating a culture of dignity, discussion, and collaboration with peers.

This is not intended to be an introduction, but rather a chance to go deeper and apply previous learning and improve on existing implementation.

Belonging at Highland Elementary School

Establishing a Schoolwide Culture of Belonging

Establishing the foundation to create a culture of belonging throughout Highland Elementary School for staff and students. This year-long project includes lessons that can be introduced in the classroom.

Welcoming & Inclusive Schools

Redmond School District

In partnership with  COREN and The Equity Collaborative, the RSD is hosting ongoing training sessions, facilitated by leaders of the Equity Collaborative, for building administrators and teacher leaders at every school. In addition to this, they are investigating systems that exist in the district and how changes can be made to create more belonging in these systems. Small groups of teachers across the district are learning at a deeper level while preparing themselves to be resources to adminsitrators and leaders in handling bias incidents.

Togetherness Project

Madras Elementary School

Madras Elementary School has experienced an influx of new staff members and is faced with the challenge of how to build community. COREN partnered with Madras Elemenmtary to design a Togetherness Program to include activities like staff meals, podcast and video discussions, and other community building events. These activities allowed the staff to get to know each other, grow a culture of collaboration, and increase morale.

Group of students smiling

Cultural Legacy Club

Caldera High School

The Cultural Legacy Club was founded by a group of students at Caldera High School who wanted to build a more welcoming environment, create a safe space for students of color, and have the opportunity to share and learn about diverse cultures.The students have participated in Dia del Niño, 8th grade orientation night, a field trip to COCC, and an end of the year potluck where families of club members were invited to attend.

Developing Equity Awareness & Practice

Jefferson County School District 509J

As a diverse district, students, families, and staff do not not always feel a strong sense of belonging. This can create barriers for learning and belonging to occur and oftentimes leads to low staff retention. This partnership with the National Equity Project includes professional learning on equity, leading change, working with multilingual students, and liberatory design for adults in the system.

Teaching Practices Change Ideas

Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP+)

Bend La Pine Schools

Historically in Bend-La Pine and all schools, the ELL Propulation is achieving significantly below the non ELL student population. We believe that some adults aren’t changing their instructional practices to meet the needs of ELL students. The goal of SIOP® is to help teachers integrate academic language development into their lessons, allowing students to learn and practice English as it is used in the context of school. Using this planning framework, teachers modify the way they teach so that the language they use to explain concepts and information is comprehensible to these students.

Collaborative Problem Solving


The NEST (Nurturing Empathy Safety and Trust) program serves special education students experiencing intensive behavioral and social skills challenges. Collaborative Problem Solving focuses on building skills like flexibility, frustration tolerance and problem solving, rather than simply motivating kids to behave better. The process begins with identifying triggers to a child’s challenging behavior and the specific skills they need help developing.  The next step involves partnering with the child to build those skills and develop lasting solutions to problems that work for everyone.

Modern Classroom Project

Redmond School District

In the current structure and design of classroom and curriculum, it is difficult to develop relationships with students at the margins who are struggling. Constraints on time and the current direct instruction model make it difficult to find the time to provide relationships and individual coaching. Modern Classrooms incorporates teacher-created videos of course content with extention projects. Instead of listening to a teacher lecturing in front of the classroom, students watch guided videos at their own pace and journey. This allows for the teacher to make individualized interventions.  

Design Thinking

Sisters School District

Within the current structure, it can be dificult for educators to be flexible, creative, and innotvate and to personalized individual student instruction for student needs. This leads to teacher burnout and lack of engagement. By engaging in the design thinking process, teachers spark a discussion about what is possible and engage in conversation to design for change.

Regional Projects & Events

The Shared Experience


The Shared Experience is Central Oregon’s forum for educators to share their ideas and highlight innovative solutions to the challenges we face in education. This new and expanded event is open to speakers, poets, artists, photographers, musicians and all presenters with ideas to share around innovation in education. COREN is a proud sponsor of this annual event. Learn more about The Shared Experience.


BIPOC Educator Affinity Space

AMPLIFY is an affinity space for educators of color to gather, find connection, and improve equity in our schools. AMPLIFY seeks to elevate the voices of educators of color to build a community of support! AMPLIFY is open to Central Oregon educators of color and students pursuing a career in education. COREN hosts regular AMPLIFY gatherings and events throughout the region during the school year. 

Central Oregon Educator Job Fair

Annual Job Fair

This annual event held in April provides educators with an opportunity to connect with regional school districts and ESDs to learn about current job openings in education. Educators, administrators, and classified staff can explore new career options, learn about each school district, and connect with community resources.