Coordinating Body

The COREN’s Coordinating Body is a volunteer group of diverse stakeholders, including teachers, who are dedicated to supporting Central Oregon educators. We prioritize teacher voice and utilize a continuous improvement process to make changes in our systems that help teachers succeed.

The Coordinating Body establishes priorities and the areas we believe will move the needle toward our goal. This group provides guidance and oversight to COREN initiatives, ensuring that Change Ideas are supported and implemented with integrity.

2023-24 Coordinating Body

Amy Howell Central Oregon Community College Director of Early Childhood Education 
Denise Garcia  Jefferson County School District  Teaching & Learning Support Specialist
Jennifer Faircloth High Desert ESD Admin/ OT 
Jessica Pickens Redmond School District Teacher, Sage Elementary
Jerry Huegel Bend-LaPine School District Student Success Coord., Elk Meadow Elementary
Ryan Kelling Bend-LaPine School District  District Administrator
Shawn Waite Crook County School District Teacher 
Laurie Danzuka  Jefferson County School District  Board Member
Melinda Knapp OSU Cascades  Senior Instructor
Michele Oakes Bend-LaPine School District  State Agency Representative 
Justin Nicklous Redmond School District Principal, Elton Gregory Middle School
Diane Murray i4Ed / HDESD Assistant Director of Innovation
Carson Hickox Elton Gregory Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Kim Brown NeighborImpact Director of Head Start/Early Head Start