Our Current Offerings

COREN proudly works to serve Central Oregon educators. Whether you are a classroom teacher, a school administrator, specialist, or other student facing educator, we are here to support you! Please explore our current offerings for the 2024-25 school year below.

Enhancing Pathways to Educator Workforce

Equitable Recruitment & Hiring

Building School Communities

Equitable Recruitment and Hiring

The Management Center Equitable Hiring Training (Half Day)

This interactive workshop helps social justice and educational equity leaders create equitable, effective hiring processes.

Participants will:

  • Workshop a role they are soon-to-be or currently hiring for
  • Identify how bias often appears in hiring and get out of auto-pilot hiring practices
  • Identify the must-have skills and talents for the role
  • Develop probing questions and job simulations to use in interviews
  • Learn how to create rubrics to mitigate biases when evaluating candidates
  • Leave with drafts of foundational materials and clear next steps for your process!

OSU Becoming a Search Advocate Workshop

The Search Advocate Foundations workshop series establishes a theoretical foundation of current research about implicit bias and diversity, information about the changing legal landscape in hiring, and an overview of inclusive employment principles.

Using this foundation, you will begin to construct your own framework of practice, delve into specific issues that may arise at each stage of the search process, and explore various ways to head off or respond to those issues.  By the end of the final session, you will have a toolkit of practical strategies for each stage of the search process, and approaches to help you perform the advocate role effectively as part of a search committee.

Exit Survey Support

Do you want to better understand why educators are leaving your district and what you can do to increase retention of talented staff. COREN has researched and developed a best-practices Exit Survey that you can implement in your district. A COREN Coach will guide you through the process.

Retention Data & Planning

COREN’s experienced team can support your district with taking a deep dive into retention data and planning. Using statewide teacher retention data COREN can help you understand critical trends in your workforce.

Central Oregon Educator Job Fair

Central Oregon school districts are hiring! This is an annual opportunity to explore exciting new careers teaching in Central Oregon. Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to meet local school districts and learn about current openings.

  • Explore career options in Central Oregon
  • Connect with district leadership and school principals from across the region
  • Learn Central Oregon and get connected to local community resources
  • Grow your professional network

Building School Communities, Centering Welcome, Trust, Appreciation, Validation, and Celebration

AMPLIFY Affinity Space for Educators of Color

AMPLIFY is a safe space for educators of color to gather, find connection, and improve equity in our schools.

AMPLIFY seeks to elevate the voices of educators of color to build a community of support! AMPLIFY is open to Central Oregon educators of color and students pursuing a career in education. We host regular gatherings and events throughout the region during the school year.