The Shared Experience

COREN would like to thank everyone who made this year’s The Shared Experience event hosted by i4Education a great success! The SharedExperience is Central Oregon’s forum for educators to share their ideas and highlight innovative solutions to the challenges we face in education.

This year eight incredible presenters shared their gift and experience with our audience, including:

  • Natalie Bowker: ‘From Fawn to Fang: a paradigm shift for girl empowerment’
  • Shenika Cumberbatch-Corpas: ‘The boxes of BullShit we live in!’
  • Jason McNeal Graham (MOsley WOtta): ‘What are we willing to risk to see each other’s humanity?’
  • Victoria Guthrie: ‘The One Struck by Lightning Cries All Night’
  • Gelsyn Hernandez: ‘We Will Never Obtain Success’
  • Charlotte Patterson: ‘Hear Me Out’
  • Samantha Spaciano: ‘Music is Magic’
  • Lilli Worona: ‘Escape Plan’

COREN is proud to have sponsored this incredible event! If you missed the event you can watch a recording of each individual talk courtesy of i4Education.