Central Oregon Educators: Participate in our ELEVATE Survey! 

What is COREN?

Central Oregon Regional Educators Network (COREN) is charged with recruiting, supporting, and retaining a diverse workforce that reflects the faces of our students.

What is the survey?

COREN is seeking input from three educator groups: teachers, building administrators, and district administrators! The goal of these surveys is to identify why individuals are staying or leaving their roles within the district, and what you are noticing in regards to recruitment and retention efforts for your district. The survey takes 5-8 minutes to complete.

Why are we collecting this data, what will we do with it, and how we will communicate the results?

In order to better serve YOU, we need to hear your story! Your participation in our ELEVATE Survey will allow us to take action with programs and initiatives to support educators in Central Oregon.

COREN will publish and share the findings with all participants.

How can you help?

There are two ways; Number one, take this survey! And number two, share these surveys with others you know!


Survey closes on March 10, 2023. Thank you for your participation!